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Manuale di Calligrafia

"Manuale di Calligrafia" (calligraphy handbook) is an italian book written from calligraphy masters from ACI (the Italian Calligraphy Association), 124 pages with more than 100 illustrations with 13 different styles and 38 pages with examples of artworks by well known calligraphers. Roman capital letters, Block letters, Foundational, Uncial, semi Uncial insular, Rotunda, Textura, Bastarda, Fraktur, monolinear italic, italic with edge pen, brush pen italic, english italic.

Authors: Francesco Ascoli, Luca Barcellona, Alex Barocco, Francesca Biasetton, Giuliano Bocchi, James Clough, Giovanni De Faccio, Chiara Riva, Anna Ronchi, Andrea Russo, Alfredo Sannoner, Anna Schettin, Ivano Ziggiotti

Publisher: Lazy Dog

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