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Print service

Fabriano Boutique offers a print service designed to meet every communication requirement: business cards, wedding announcements, invitations, births, save the date.
Thanks to countless types of paper, textures, weights and colours together with the finest printing techniques, such as Relief, Hot Foil, Embossing, Debossing and Letterpress, we can implement any graphic design.

Visit our Boutiques and browse through the catalogues. You will find a world of delightful papers, a selection of elegant fonts and - together with our staff - you will be able to create tailor-made solutions that best meet your needs.



Wedding announcements are extremely personal and their style reflects the taste of the bride and groom and the kind of ceremony.
This style can also be expressed through the choice of paper, font and printing colours.

Our Boutiques have an impressive selection of proposals for "happy couples"!


Print service


Business card

Business cards are an essential tool in work relationships.
The choice of paper, graphics and printing techniques combine to convey personal information.
The most common format is 55×85 mm: large companies use this size because it is practical, similar to credit card and is easy to keep in a wallet. Naturally, there is no obligation over choice of sizes - on the contrary, unusual formats may make business cards more distinctive.


Print service



Invitations themselves must be very special objects in order to highlight the importance of the occasion and stimulate guests to take part.
Mailing imposes certain limits in terms of weight and size but the use of materials and printing techniques, if implemented in a functional way in keeping with the occasion, also ensure very effective results.
On the occasion of corporate events, invitations communicate with recipients at the same time as adding something extra compared to institutional communication.


Print service


Letterhead paper

Paper is an important vehicle for sharing information as well as supporting and consolidating corporate or personal image. Attention to detail and graphics ensure unambiguous recognition on a daily basis.
A4 is the most common format for letterhead paper. This standard facilitates the use of printers and document filing.
Envelopes are produced in standard formats closely linked with the dimensions of the letters to be mailed and the restrictions imposed by postal services.


Print service


For more information, please contact your Fabriano Boutique.