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  • Lokta A5/A6 spots
    Lokta notebooks is a new collection of notebooks made entirely by hand in Nepal, with three cover colours screen-printed on coloured paper. The notebooks are stitched with a soft cover and come in three sizes: A5 and A6 with 120 neutral pages inside and a set of three mini notebooks sized 7x11 cm containing 32 neutral pages. The cover page is handmade, using the bark of a plant called the Lokta, which grows at an altitude of over 2,000 metres (6,500 feet) only in the Himalayas. There are no roads in the area and donkeys or small planes are used for transport. Production takes place in the city of Kathmandu, thanks to the skilled hands of an all-female cooperative in a small local company that unites ancient knowledge and simple technologies to produce the end product. Lokta paper is renowned for its extreme resistance over time, with important state documents and religious texts written on this paper in Nepal thanks to this characteristic.

    Lokta A5/A6 spots

  • To Do List Notepad
    Square notepad, lined tear-off sheets.

    To Do List Notepad

  • Vergatone Notebook
    Entirely handmade by Fabrianese master paper-makers. Deckle-edged pages (30% cotton, 70% virgin fibres).

    Vergatone Notebook

  • Soft Touch Notebook
    This versatile, playful notebook is “tactile” thanks to its cover made of soft-touch surface Ispira paper. Perfect bound with fl exible spine covered with printed cloth matching the color of the cover; indeed, the product is available in 5 different colours. The printed pattern on the cloth reproduces a detail of the front page of an Italian newspaper, making each notebook different from the next. The interior is made of 90 g/m² white paper, produced with 100% ECF cellulose pulp, FSC certifi ed. Acid Free and Long Life (ISO 9706) printed with 1 line featuring the Fabriano logo at the foot of each page. Ideal for all sorts of writing: ballpoint pen, fountain pen, felt-tip pen, etc.

    Soft Touch Notebook

    Regular Price: $11.50

    Special Price: $8.05 -30%

  • A5/A6 Ispira Notebooks with elastic band
    Fabriano Ispira This range of notebooks is characterized by a soft touch cover available in 5 different colours. Thread-bound with 85 gsm ruled ecological paper Bioprima. The sheets are not glued to the spine making it possible to open flat the notebook. Rounded corners. FSC certified product, acid free and long life paper.

    A5/A6 Ispira Notebooks with elastic band

    Regular Price: $16.00

    Special Price: $8.00 -50%

  • Hetre Mignon Wishes Book
    Real small for big wishes. There’s a legend tied to the Mignon book: it is said to bring good luck to those who believe it. Just take it in your hands, make a wish by writing on a random page, close the book and forget about it... Inside there are 224 pages of Palatina Avorio paper (85 g/m2). Size 5x6 cm Designed by H E T R E

    Hetre Mignon Wishes Book

  • Hetre Valerio Ring Notebook
    Ring notebook with elastic closure and end pocket. It includes a loose-leaf notebook EcoQua with spiral and pre-punched sheets,140 lined pages in paper Bioprima Book (85 g/m2), suitable for any type of writing. The Valerio notebook is packaged in a cotton embroidered bag. Size 21x29.7 cm Designed by H E T R E

    Hetre Valerio Ring Notebook

  • EcoQua Colore
    EcoQua Colore is made of environmentally friendly 80 g/m² Copy Tinta paper, produced with 100% ECF cellulose pulp, FSC certifi ed from forests managed in accordance with strict environmental standards. Hydroelectric energy is used for its production, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Copy Tinta is an Acid Free paper with alkaline reserve, ensuring long life. The cover is made from scratch-resistant 290 g/m² Sirio Tela ecological paper, masscoloured and available in different lightfast colours. Made from 100% FSC certifi ed ECF cellulose pulp from forests managed in accordance with strict environmental standards

    EcoQua Colore

    Regular Price: $4.00

    Special Price: $2.80 -30%

  • Fabriano Artist's Journal
    Fabriano Artist’s Journal in the “Classic” version, distinguished by its refined navy blue cover. Produced with Ingres laid paper in 2 different lightfast colours: ice and ivory. Ideal for pencil, pastels, charcoal, ink and sketching. The absence of acid guarantees its inalterability over time. The square version is a thread sewn journal made of 96 sheets, in 4 colours of Ingres paper 90 g/m2: ghiaccio, bianco, avorio and gialletto. The cover is made of black Murillo 360 g/m2. Acid Free, lightfast colours. Ideal for drawing, charcoal, pastel, ink and as well for your every intellectual whim. The red cover variant contains 12 different colour of Sirio paper. The Artist’s Journals are singularly shrinkwrapped.

    Fabriano Artist's Journal

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