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Album da Disegno Ecologico per Artisti

White ecological drawing paper, Acid Free, produced with 100% post consumer recycled pulp. Cold press surface very white in comparison with a common recycled paper. Its internal and external sizing makes it ideal for sketches and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencil and ink. The use of recycled pulp allows to save 15 trees every ton of paper produced (corresponding to 1.200 blocks). Thanks to hydropower 14.000.000 m³ of methane are spared, avoiding 26.000 tonnes of CO2 air emissions. The company respects the Kyoto protocol, certified by the ministerial authorization n. 566. The paper is labelled “FSC 100% recycled” guaranteeing that the product is made of post consumer reclaimed material (in this case post consumer waste office paper) in accordance with FSC® standards, supporting responsible use of forest resources.

50 sheets
200 g/m²

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