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  • Duplex Folder
    Folders made of cardboard and closed with elastic in a contrasting colour. Talk about style.

    Duplex Folder

  • Multicoloured Folder
    Slightly larger than A4 folder with 12 compartments, outer flaps covered in cloth, edges reinforced in plasticized fabric, ribbon closure. Available in four colours.

    Multicoloured Folder

  • Ecoqua Folder
    Document folder with the name "Fabriano" on the front, two internal flaps with business card slot.

    Ecoqua Folder

  • Paper lover In White
    A folder for those who appreciate the many shades of white. 32 sheets of four different papers in distinctive shades of white: ribbed Cotton Laid Ivory, strong Artistico Traditional White watercolour paper, the super smooth Splendorgel ExtraWhite and the more technical Fabriano 4 liscio. An assortment of white paper to try out the most interesting effects of calligraphy and drawing techniques on different surfaces. Size 44,5x30,5 cm Click here and discover the Paper lover collection!

    Paper lover In White

  • Paper lover Materica
    A folder for those who appreciate Materica paper, with its soft surface suitable for all kinds of writing. An assortment of 36 180 g/m² sheets in four different colours: Terra Rossa, Acqua, Clay and Limestone. The tinted papers are all pulp-coloured using light-resistant colours. Produced with 65% cellulose, 20% recycled fibre and 15% cotton fibre. Size 22,5x30,5 cm Click here and discover the Paper lover collection!

    Paper lover Materica

  • Paper lover Calligraphy Folder
    A folder offering the chance to learn about the fundamental features of three calligraphic styles: Italic, Brush Script and English Chancery. We have asked three master calligraphers who regularly hold courses and activities in our boutique to draw up an alphabet and some phrases in the relevant style for us, ready to be copied. The folder can be transformed into a stand, where one sheet at a time can be inserted to observe the slope, proportions and ductus of the letters to be copied. The folder has been made of 350 g/m² Sirio Cherry. The internal sheets are in 180 g/m² Materica Gesso. Size 32x26 cm Click here and discover the Paper lover collection!

    Paper lover Calligraphy Folder

  • Holy-Wood Timber Folder
    A single and handy object to bring to meetings and presentations, an A4-size folder with two pockets large enough to carry a mini tablet, or A5. Inner lining in black fabric. Long flap and closure latch. For this collection, we have chosen an innovative, environmentally friendly material made with Wood, produced and patented in Italy. Selected woods are FSC® certified, this means coming from correctly and socially responsibly managed forests. Moreover, thanks to an agreement with Tree-Nation we replant 350% more than we consume. The material is actually made of thin carved wooden sheets with micro laser engravings, coupled to a tissue with the usage of water-based adhesives. The result is a soft material, almost like leather.

    Holy-Wood Timber Folder

    Regular Price: $148.00

    Special Price: $103.60 -30%

  • Fil rouge Folder
    Folder for A4 documents with double elastic closure. Made in Woodstock Blu Intenso, which is a smooth card containing 80% recycled fibre in the pulp.

    Fil rouge Folder

    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price: $8.40 -30%

  • Love Handmade Paper
    A handmade paper folder produced for us by the master papermaker Sandro Tiberi in Fabriano, using the traditional technique developed in the town in the Middle Ages. The folder has the uncut edges typical of handmade sheets, as does the paper contained internally. The mixture used to make the cover includes coffee powder, which colours the paper and gives it a characteristic aroma. The internal sheets are made using a mixture of water and pure 100% cotton cellulose, with ten smooth sheets of different thicknesses: 130 g/m² and 300 g/m², and five rough 200 g/m² sheets. The sheets are enhanced with double surface sizing to ensure good absorbance resistance to all types of ink. Size 32x22 cm Click here and discover the Paper lover collection!

    Love Handmade Paper

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