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Corporate Image

The most prestigious businesses and those most attentive to good taste and design choose Fabriano as an image partner, for example: Allianz, La Repubblica, Scuderie del Quirinale, Cinecittà and Studios ICE Istituto per il Commercio Estero. 

Personalizzazioni - Customizations


A present can be personalised with a distinctive mark, like a logo or a person’s initials, stamped on the object for ever as testimony to its individuality. 
For each article, depending on requirements and materials, you can choose between various styles of personalisation offered by Fabriano Boutiques. 
Here follows the list of different techniques with some advice on making the best choice: 

Silk-screen printing: a type of printing of images and graphics that can be used on any base. It is used on finished products, providing the possibility to personalise small quantities; 

Offset printing: with this technique the printed and non-printed parts lie on the same level, so there are no incisions. This method is only for large quantities (500); for instance printing notebooks where the personalised element appears on the cover or on all the pages inside; 

Embossing: this is used to print any type of design in relief on materials like paper, card and leather. For personalising paper and card, large quantities are advisable (500), while for leather the quantities can be smaller; 

Embroidery: the art of designing with a needle on fabric has been used since the olden days. We use it for products made in linen. 

Watermarking: this method is used by publishers for special edition art books and by the National Mint when they make paper money. It is certainly the most precious type of personalisation.  

Contact us to order a personalised present.

Personalizzazioni - Customizations

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