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Woodstock Bouquet

Woodstock Bouquet notebooks are 6 different notepad singular sold individually , all slightly different ranging from the mix to the surface finish.
64 blank page with visible Singer stitching on the spine matching the color of the cover.
Each notebook is a paper experience to try different effects of writing and drawing, collect them all!

01 - Blu/ Blue - Fabria Avorio, felt marked paper.
02 - Camoscio/ Light Brown - Cottage Ivory with 25% of cotton fibers and textured surface.
03 - Malva /Pink - Ingres Ghiaccio, laid paper with an authentic lined touch.
04 - Rosso/ Red - Splendorgel ExtraWhite, touch the smoothness of an extra white surface.
05 - Pistacchio / Green - Palatina Avorio, natural ivory paper with smooth surface
06 - Arancio / Orange - Freelife Cento, 100% Recycled paper

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